Charity Sponsorship



During 2017, Aspirations were very proud to sponsor The Wild Place Project’s three beautiful male Cheetahs, Tukio,Zuri and Duma. For 2018 we are very happy to announce that we will be continuing this sponsorship.


The Wild Place Project was opened by the Bristol Zoological Society with an emphasis on protecting threatened habitats on our doorsteps and around the globe.

Wild Place Project is one of only four collections in the UK to keep the central African cheetah (scientific name: acinonyx jubatus soemmeringii). Cheetah are listed as vulnerable by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources). There are around 10,000 cheetah in the wild, with less than 2000 central African cheetah in the wild. They are facing various threats including loss of habitat and prey, conflict with humans, the illegal pet trade and a gene pool with very low variability.

Aspirations hope that their sponsorship of this worthy cause will help make a difference to these beautiful animals, and will raise awareness to their vulnerable state.


Whilst supporting The Wild Place Project the team at Aspirations ran several events and competitions, to help raise awareness of the Cheetah’s plight. We will be doing something very similar this year. You and your family could be the lucky winners of a trip to see The Wild Place Project and the three Cheetahs.


Please keep checking our Website and our Facebook Page for all the news and updates on the lovely Cheetah boys.

Aspirations are looking forward to serving the needs of local communities and continue ‘giving something back’ for many years to come.