New Competition!!!!!!!

New Competition!!!!!!!


Our new competition is here!  Just answer a few simple questions below and you could be our next lucky winners of a set of Family tickets to WildPlace Project in Bristol.

      • What country (s) do Cheetah live in the wild?
      • Name the Latin family that they belong to.
      • What is the average lifespan of a Cheetah in the wild?
      • What is the approximate length of a Cheetahs body?
      • What is approximate length of a Cheetah’s tail?
      • What is the approximate weight of a Cheetah?
      • How fast can a Cheetah run?
      • How far can a Cheetah cover in one stride?
      • Approximately how many spots to a Cheetah typically have?
      • What purpose is thought to be the reason for Cheetah black tear markings on their face?
      • Cheetah do not roar, so what noise(s) do they make?
      • Typically, how long can Cheetah cubs stay with their Mum?
      • Approximately what % cubs reach adulthood?
      • What is the approximate population of Cheetah left in the wild?
      • What is the main cause of their decline?
      • Name five main prey of the Cheetah
      • How often to Cheetah need to drink?
      • What are our 3 Cheetah called at WildPlace project?


Post your answers to :     Aspirations Financial Advice Ltd, First Floor East Offices, Willow Brook Centre, Bradley Stoke, Bristol BS32 0BJ

E-mail your Answers to :

If you are passing the office we have the questions outside for you to take home and complete.

Competition ends September 30th 2017. First correct answers drawn will win family tickets to Wild Place Project. NB Terms of entering competition: Pictures of winners will be used for publicity purposes in local publications and online social streams. By entering the competition, you are agreeing to these terms.

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