Building A Financial Wealth Plan

Our Financial Planning Service is designed to help clients build their own financial wealth plan.

In much the same way that a business plan will identify the key drivers to success and project the financial position of a company, a successful financial plan will depend on certain key factors. Such factors can prove vital and, if not addressed early enough could render a financial plan at risk. In particular we look at the key factors that will affect the financial outcome and the assumptions taken when projecting a financial plan. As with all projections, the value and accuracy derived from this exercise will be entirely dependent on the assumptions taken and whether such assumptions can be relied upon.

Listed below is a summary of the main factors that we use in helping to shape a client’s financial wealth plan:

  • Growth on Earnings
  • Expenditure Pattern
  • Growth on Assets
  • Reduction in Mortgage(s), Debts and Loans
  • Future Inflation
  • Income Tax on Earnings/li>
  • Costs incurred by Financial Dependents
  • Contingent Liabilities
  • The last category, Contingent Liabilities, deals with the problems caused should a Client or their Partner be unable to work due to ill health, incapacity or death. As with all other factors it is essential to review the insurance arrangements so that one’s financial wealth is protected in such eventuality.

    Applying the Business Plan analogy, it is essential that Financial Plan(s) are regularly reviewed so that the assumptions taken remain valid. If as a result of a review it is necessary to do so, financial plans can be easily recalculated to ensure that a Client’s plan remains on track.

    The primary aim of our Financial Planning Service is to provide a series of financial outcomes based on a client’s current position and financial assumptions that will likely shape their future. Through a series of charts we can show how by varying the assumptions one can significantly alter the outcome. Through this interactive process it is hoped that Clients can gain a better understanding of the decisions they need to take today.

    Typically our Financial Reports will include:

  • Capital and Income projection.
  • A Cash-flow forecast to project the Net Income position (i.e. income less expenditure) in Retirement.
  • A Contingent Liability forecast to show to what extent financial security would be put at risk through illness, disability or death.
  • Invariably, particularly for new clients, our Financial Planning Service will often undertake a review of a client’s protection, savings, investments and pension arrangements. Often comparisons can be made with other providers in the market to determine whether the client is receiving fair value.

    Client Websites
    All clients receive their own website so that they can continue to monitor all of their finances in one secure site. With valuations updated daily the Client Website allows our clients to keep in touch with all of their financial data. With our technology now available through Smart phone applications clients are able to view and deal with their finances whilst travelling.