Director Share Protection & Partnership Protection

Director Share Protection & Partnership Protection are not things that many businesses consider every day, but what would happen if one of your co-directors, your partner in business or indeed a fellow shareholder were to die.

What would happen to their shares?

Presumably they would pass to the wife, husband or civil-partner.

How would you feel about that?
How would you feel if they did or didn’t want to get involved?
What if they decided to sell to the highest bidder, maybe one of your competitors?
Would you want to buy their share of the business?
If so, how would that be financed?

If you were ever in this position, you can imagine how difficult and awkward the situation might be. Not to mention the financial strain all parties involved may experience.

It doesn’t have to be like this!

We can help by ensuring you have an Agreement in place which specifies what will happen in the event of the unexpected. Our Advisers are here to guide you and give the advice you need to make the right decisions, even acting as an intermediary between the parties.

If you’d like to know the full extent of how we can help you with Director Share Protection or Partnership Protection, then contact us on 01454 501 959, or use the contact form.

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