There are, inevitably, two sides to our hopes for the future. One is those dreams of good times to come and all the planning that goes into ensuring that we have the money to be able to enjoy those times. The other is the answer to the question, “What if?”

What If?

What if illness strikes, you can’t work, there’s an accident, your business fails…and here’s the choice, you can either turn your back and claim that it will never happen, or you can be genuinely positive and make provision. The answer to “What if?” should be “Then this…”.

Good planning can make sure that children and dependents are looked after, that money continues to come in when work doesn’t, that the mortgage gets paid and that sickness isn’t a financial threat as well. Good planning can place property in trust, can ring-fence funds, can protect what you have against those “What if?” situations. And the good news is that the right financial protection can be specifically tailored for your circumstances so that it’s both practical and affordable.

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Building for the Future